The Best Christmas Plum Cake

The Best Christmas Plum Cake

One cannot imagine Christmas without the aromatic, moist PLUM CAKE that has been a celebration cake during Christmas!

Plum Cake has been the epitome of Christmas as far as I can remember. It’s important to know the history of such an iconic holiday treat!

Story Of The Plum Cake

The history of plum cake dates back to medieval England. People used to have a rich porridge on the eve of Christmas, made of oats, dried fruits, aromatics, and honey. This porridge is what turned out to be the starting of Plum cake. How it got its name is not very clear. But people consider that the word Plum denotes Raisins which we could find abundant in the original recipe.

Fascinatingly, the story of how Plum cakes traveled across the world. They used to prepare this rich cake, a few weeks before Christmas, usually at the beginning of advent. However, they saved it until the twelfth and final day of celebration.

Additionally, this tradition was threatened when Queen Victoria suddenly banned having a feast on the twelfth night. Bakers who had stocked up their pantries to bake this rich cake decided to bake it on Christmas. As a result, it prevents their loss for them. This tradition later caught upon. Around the same time, families of men working in British colonies started sending plum cakes for Christmas to them. They made their far-away Christmas much nearer and more special. Henceforth, this made this flavor bomb cake a universal favorite!

This is a poem by Helen Maria Williams (17 June 1759 – 15 December 1827), A British Novelist. It is about the plum cake, reminding me how important this was and is!

“What crowding thoughts around me wake, What marvels in a Christmas cake! Ah, say, what strange enchantment dwells. Enclosed within its odorous cells?”

Once the cake reached different parts of the world, recipes were changed according to the geographic availability of raw materials. Not to mention that there are recipes where fruits are soaked in rum and brandy. Also, there are some recipes with no alcohol at all. Whatever the recipe, none of them contain Plums. Interesting right?

In India, Bakers soak the Raisins, figs, and tutti fruity in Dark rum, typically for six months to 12 months, to make a delicious Plum cake. What makes Indian plum cakes special is the addition of special masala that elevates the cake to the next level. Being the land of spices, India didn’t shy to use its cardamom, bay leaf, etc. Apart from that, Indian bakers were also using cinnamon and cloves, which were usually present in the original recipe.


What Makes A Plum Cake, Premium?

A premium Plum cake should have a moist crumb which when cut in cross-section should reveal the pieces of dried fruits. A plum cake with artificial essence can never match a cake filled with rum-soaked fruits and nuts. That’s what makes a plum cake richer, delicious and not to mention the Buzz a Christmas holiday gives!

Now you can get your hands on the best Christmas Plum cake in Chennai with Moonbakes; a great gifting option for this Christmas.

What makes Moonbakes’ special Christmas Plum cake a premium cake?

The rum-soaked dry fruits constitute 32 % & tri-mix of rich nuts that constitutes 10% of the cake. Also, they make it with organic brown sugar (0% refined sugar-free) and no artificial flavors. Moreover, Moonbakes Plum Cake is Authentic & Premium. You can order it online and get it right on your doorstep with a single click!

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