How to select a premium wedding cake?

How to select a premium wedding cake?

Choosing the right wedding cake is as important as choosing the right décor, outfit, and styling for your wedding! The wedding cake is often a major sight of attraction in any wedding. Your wedding cake adds a special charm to your big day and you want it to not only be beautiful but also delicious. It’s a common thing that people stress over finding the perfect wedding cake. To ease out your worries, here we present a few tips to consider while choosing a premium wedding cake.

Choose the right baker – Selecting a premium wedding cake begins with finding the right baker. Different bakers specialize in different variety of cakes. Search for bakers who can create the cake you are looking for and meet them. You can also taste their cakes to get a better idea of flavors. It’s important to choose a baker who has gotten great reviews from past weddings. You can search online or ask your family and friends for good recommendations. You can also consider choosing the one which has good ratings and reviews online.
Pick the design that goes well with your wedding decoration – Before deciding the overall design of the wedding cake, choose a color or theme that goes well with your wedding decorations. Wedding destination, stage decorations, bride and groom outfit, and styling are a few elements to consider while finalizing the wedding cake. Make sure to select a cake that can fit in with the overall look of the wedding. To keep it more simple and elegant, you can consider using a few flowers on the cake that match your wedding outfits.

Select the right size and flavor – Choosing the right size and flavor plays an essential role in selecting the perfect wedding cake. Discuss with the baker about the quantity and how many people the cake can feed. Decide the size according to the number of guests invited to the wedding. And when it comes to flavor, choose a flavor as per your preferences and budget. You can also consider seasonal flavors. Another option is to choose a different tier with different flavors. Though it’s likely to have more varieties of flavors, cutting and serving consume extra time.

Take a note on frosting choices – Filling and frosting of the cake need to be wisely chosen. The most common frosting options are fondant (a thicker paste made with water and sugar) and buttercream(a creamy frosting made with creaming butter and sugar). Be sure to taste both variants of cakes to know the difference. You can then choose the right frosting easily.

Consider proper delivery and set up options – Coordinate the cake delivery with the wedding venue owner and the baker. The baker might need some time to set up the cake according to the design. Make sure to check if the wedding venue has a refrigerator, as the cake might need refrigeration. Keep a note of the timing and inform the baker to deliver the cake at least an hour before the ceremony. As the cake set up takes time make sure to get it rightly done before the ceremony.
When chosen rightly, a good-looking and delicious cake will definitely be the talk of the wedding. Make sure to follow the above steps while picking up the best wedding cake. Double the joy of your new beginning with the sweetest slice of paradise!

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